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Jones Turkey & Gravy Soda For Thanksgiving

In 2003 Jones Soda, a Seattle company known its bottle labels that feature photos found a way to Thanksgiving even more fun. They turned Thanksgiving dinner items into soda flavors. The limited-edition five-pack contained Turkey & Gravy Soda, plus four others that varied by year, including:

  • Cranberry Soda
  • Dinner Roll Soda
  • Fruitcake Soda
  • Green Bean Casserole Soda
  • Green Pea Soda
  • Mashed Potatoes & Butter Soda
  • Sweet Potato Soda…
    and last but not least,

  • Antacid Flavored Soda
    Although drinkable, these flavors were meant as a gag rather than a fantastic soda experience. It took until 2015 for the brand to issue a “legit” Pumpkin Pie soda (which is no longer in the holiday lineup).

    The Thanksgiving flavors have not been made for more than 10 years. But in honor of the brand’s 25th anniversary, Jones has released a limited-edition 35,000 bottle run of the famed Turkey & Gravy Soda.

    This “liquid entrée” is a limited edition that is already sold out on the company website.

    Jones Soda Turkey and Gravy Soda is available at more than 1,500 Kroger stores throughout the U.S., and at Albertsons Safeway stores in Oregon.

    In Canada, consumers can find the flavor at select Buy Low Foods, AG Foods, Nesters, Federated Coop Stores, Rabba and Little Short Stop stores.

    The return of Turkey & Gravy Soda is part of the Jones Soda special release program, which introduces a rotating series of new and retired flavors throughout the year.

    The program launched earlier this year with Special Release Birthday Cake Soda and Special Release Pineapple Cream Soda, two flavors from the brand’s archives that are frequently requested because of their fun taste profiles.

    Jones has a year-round program where you can create your own soda label, choosing from background choices Regular, Gender Reveal, Holiday, Pride, and Wedding. Choose from nine flavors, add a photo and text.

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    [1] Have some mashed potatoes with your Turkey & Gravy soda (all photos © Jones Soda).

    [2] If you can get your hands on them, you might grace your table with “place setting” bottles instead of chocolate turkeys.

    [3] The original Thankgiving five-pack.



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