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TOP PICK OF THE WEEK: Chevre Cheesecake From Belle Chevre

[1] A slice of Belle Chevre cheesecake (both photos © Belle Chevre).

[2] It’s delivered in this box. Yum.


We are in love…with a cheesecake.

Every cheesecake lover (brownie lover, chocolate chip cookie lover, etc.) has his/her own ideal recipe.

Belle Chevre’s is ours.

It’s dense, magnificently creamy, and redolent of fresh lemon flavor from lemon zest in the batter. It has a graham cracker crust.

It has everything we want in a cheesecake. It’s even a medium size, so if you eat the whole cheesecake (over three days, of course!), you haven’t gone overboard.

Well, it’s not exactly secret. Belle Chevre cheesecake is made with the company’s heavenly chevre cream cheese (also a must-try, in Original plus Cinnamon, Coffee, Fig and Honey).

Those who don’t like goat cheese will never know that the cream cheese isn’t cow’s milk. There’s no goat cheese flavor whatsoever; just the palate pleasure of a great piece of cheesecake.

Think of what a slice of cheesecake costs at a restaurant. Belle Chevre’s 6″ diameter cheesecake, 27 ounces, is $34.95 (and worth every penny).

The year it debuted (2013), Belle Chevre cheesecake was the winner of the two of the food industry’s highest honors: the Sofi Award for Best Baked Good and the Dairy Innovation Awards Best Dairy Dessert.

The winners were chosen by buyers at top retailer stores. These people taste everything, so they should know!

For Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or anytime gifts—or for you because you deserve it—we can’t recommend this cheesecake highly enough (and we’ve had cheesecakes from at least 10 leading cheesecake websites).


Get the cheesecake at BelleChevre.com.

We have to give a shout-out to the rest of Belle Chevre’s products, especially the flavored cream cheeses—so good you’ll eat them out of the container with a spoon.

So don’t forget to add some cream cheese to your order, plus some pimento cheese and anything else that catches your eye.

Find them here.

They’re all soooo gooood.

We doubt that there will be any Belle Chevre cheesecake left to freeze.

But in general, it’s best to freeze individual slices for three weeks or so, wrapped in plastic and stored in a freezer bag.

You can put it in the fridge to slowly defrost overnight; or leave it on the counter for an hour.

To tell the truth, they’re delicious frozen, too, perhaps with a dab of fudge sauce or fruit purée.


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