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TIP OF THE DAY: The Best Canned Tomatoes

[1] Canned tomatoes are typically plum tomatoes (photo © Hunt’s).

[2] First Place: Bianco di Napoli canned tomatoes (photo © Instacart).

[3] Second Place: Market Pantry canned tomatoes (photo © Target).

[4] Third Place: San Merican canned tomatoes (photo © Whole Foods).


Many of us used canned tomatoes for tomato sauce, chili, enchiladas, meatloaf glaze, shakshuka and other dishes, including tomato soup.

When you’re scouting the pantry to put a meal together, you can add canned tomatoes when cooking rice and other grains, as a “simmer sauce,” to jazz up boxed mac and cheese, and to pop into a casserole, for example.

Canned tomatoes are low in calories and high in fiber, iron and vitamins B6 and C.

They’re also an excellent source of lycopene, an antioxidant that can help to lower the risk of heart disease, cancer and macular degeneration.

But not all brands are created equal says the New York Times, which recently conducted a taste test among 12 brands of canned tomatoes.

All are available nationwide and/or online.

The brands were rank by flavor and balance: natural sweetness and acidity.

Prices vary, and you can see them in the full article.

However, the top brands could be two to three times more expensive as the least expensive brands.

Here are the recommendations: You can read the full article here.

We hasten to add that one tasting at one point in time is not the final word.

There are other taste tests from highly regarded food sites that have different rankings; and you may have your own ranking.

We weren’t familiar with the first two, but the number three choice is our own favorite brand.

1. Bianco di Napoli

2. Market Pantry

3. San Merican Tomato (S.M.T.) Whole Peeled

4. Cento Certified Peeled Tomatoes – San Marzano Tomatoes from Italy

5. Hunt’s Whole Plum Tomatoes

6. Whole Foods 365 Organic Whole Peeled Tomatoes

7. Rega Rega San Marzano Tomatoes

Five of the twelve brands landed in this category. All but 365 Brand were as expensive as the better brands.

8. Organico Bello Whole Peeled Tomatoes

9. Bella Terra Organic Italian Whole Peeled Tomatoes

10. Whole Foods 365 Whole Peeled Tomatoes

11. Muir Glen Organic Whole Peeled Tomatoes

12. Contadina Whole Roma Tomatoes With Basil



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