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TOP PICK OF THE WEEK: Cookie Pop Popcorn With Oreo Pieces

[1] The latest sweet treat to cross our desk: Cookie Pop Popcorn with Oreo pieces.

[2] From the bag to the canister (both photos © Snax-Sational Brands).


This may be a first for THE NIBBLE: Our Top Pick Of The Week is a junk food, a sugary snack.

Snax-Sational, a snack food company, recently sent us samples of Cookie Pop Popcorn: a blend of popcorn and Oreo cookie pieces:

The popcorn kernels have a sugary “creme” coating that tastes like Oreo stuffing.

It’s a purely sweet treat: The sample we received didn’t have a salted popcorn profile. But there’s no reason you can’t toss some salt in the bag and shake it.

Salt or not: Cookie Pop created a sensation in our office, with every coming back for additional handfuls.

The popcorn-Oreo blend is 150 calories per serving size of 1-1/4 cups. The total carbohydrate is 19g with 12g of total sugars.

The snack is low in sodium and made with non-GMO corn. It has 1g of protein per serving.

And yes: Popcorn is a whole-grain food with these benefits.

It almost sounds like Cookie Pop Popcorn is a good snack choice, but make no mistake:

This is junk food: glorious, sugary junk food. It’s also a fun food, waiting to garnish cupcakes, ice cream and hot chocolate.

If you need a sugary jolt, treat yourself to a bag. Just pace yourself.

The concept for Cookie Pop Popcorn came about when the founder added crushed Oreos to another snack food, popcorn. He thought he had a hit on his hands.

He combined other sweet snacks with popcorn and produced a variety of flavors, of which Butterfinger Candy Pop Popcorn and Twix Candy Pop Popcorn join Cookie Pop in today’s line-up.

You can purchase all of them on SnackPop.com.

There’s also a store locator on the website.


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