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For the past couple of weeks, we’ve been snacking away on Cheddies, Hint and Nature’s Bakery.

Cheddies were a serendipitous food find.

We were at an enormous trade show—think the Disneyland of food, occupying an entire convention center.

After tasting samples, for four hours straight, we could not try another bite. It was time to go home.

On the way out, someone in front of a booth handed us a sample bag of Cheddies. We dropped them into our tote bag and headed home.

The next day, as we sorted through the tote, we found the little bag of Cheddies and ate them. Delicious!

We headed to the website, and then to Amazon, where we used our Amazon Prime subscription to save on a shipment of six family-size bags.

The line was created by two brothers in college, who weren’t thrilled with the snacks they bought from the store.

After surveying their peers, nearly all of them enjoyed snacking on cheese crackers. So the brothers got to work, starting with whole block, all natural cheddar cheese as the main ingredient. You can taste the quality in each cracker.

There are four varieties:

  • Barbeque
  • Cheddar Cheese
  • Garlic Parmesan
  • White Cheddar
    The line is certified kosher. We promise you happy crunching.

    Get yours at

    Hint has been popular since its launch in 2005 (here’s our original review from 2006).

    The company continues to energize the brand with new flavors and two new lines: Hint Sparkling (Hint Peppermint Water is one of our passions) and Hint Kick, which is caffeinated.

    Whatever your favorite fruit, you’re likely to find it in zero-calorie Hint.

    There are:

  • 18 flavors of Hint Still
  • 7 flavors of Hint Sparkling water
  • 3 flavors of Hint Kick
  • 4 flavors of Hint Kids, in juice boxes
    A tip for a hot day:

    Two or three hours before you leave the house, pop a bottle of Hint into the freezer, upside down. The water will begin to freeze, providing some ice in the bottle to keep the water cooler for longer than a bottle from the fridge.

    The line is certified kosher by OU. Discover more at

    Does the world need another snack bar? Yes, insofar as we’ve become a fan of Nature’s Bakery fig bars.


    Cheedies Cheese Crackers
    [1] Cheddies are our new favorite cheese cracker (photos #1 and #2 © Cheddies Crackers).

    Cheddies Cheese Crackers
    [2] Have some Cheddies with a beer, glass of wine or beverage of choice.

    Hint 5 Flavors
    [3] Whatever your favorite fruit, there’s a Hint for you (photo courtesy Hint).

    Nature's Bakery Blueberry Bar
    [4] Nature’s Bakery fruit and whole grain bars have become our mid-morning go-to (photo © Nature’s Bakery).

  • Whole Wheat Fig Bars, each containing two pieces the size of Newtons, add a second layer of fruit flavor: Apple Cinnamon, Blueberry, Lemon, Original Fig, Peach Apricot, Raspberry and Strawberry.
  • Oatmeal Crumble Bars, in Apple, Cherry and Strawberry, have a more muffin-like consistency.
  • Brownie Bars, made with whole wheat, cocoa and dates, are also on the menu. We haven’t tried them yet, but they’ll be part of our refill order.
  • Gluten Free: Original Fig bar is also available in a gluten-free version.
    The line is certified kosher by OU, Certified Vegan, Dairy Free, low sodium, Non-GMO Project Verified and whole grain.

    Get yours at


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