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GIFT PICK: Limited-Edition Sparkling Peppermint Hint Water

Hint Sparkling Peppermint Water
[1] Limited-edition Sparkling Peppermint Hint. Get yours now; it will be gone in January.

Hint Still Peppermint Water
[2] America’s favorite peppermint water, original Peppermint Hint (still water; both photos courtesy Hint).


Hint, a pioneer in flavored, unsweetened water, has been a hit with us since we first discovered it—way back in 2006 (here’s the review).

Following the original line of still waters are Hint Sparkling and Hint Kick, which is caffeinated water (a gift idea!).

To celebrate the holidays, a limited-edition of Sparkling Peppermint Hint is available through January (the still version is available year-round; it’s the #1 peppermint-flavored water in the U.S.).

With zero calories, it’s a gift for:

  • Peppermint lovers.
  • Dieters.
  • Anyone trying to drink more water.
    Sparkling Peppermint Hint is another mixer to add to your recipe arsenal. For starters:

  • Peppermint stick/candy cane ice cream + Sparkling Peppermint Hint = holiday ice cream soda).
  • Add a splash to a Chocolate Martini.
    As for still Peppermint Hint, how about heating it in the microwave and mixing your next packet of hot chocolate?

    All Hint products are made with purified water and natural flavors from non-GMO plants. The waters are never sweetened; there are no preservatives or other additives.

    The limited-edition Sparkling Peppermint, and for that matter, the Kick flavors, are great gift ideas for the right person. No one else you know will think of them. We’d be delighted to receive a case or two.

    Peppermint Hint Sparkling Water is $19.99 per case (a dozen 16.9-ounce bottles) at

    You can find the caffeinated flavors there as well.

    Hint can also be found at CVS, Target and grocery stores nationwide.

    As long as we’re talking about drinking more water, here’s the history of drinking water.

    Be grateful you have a reliable municipal supply.


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