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TIP OF THE DAY: Breakfast Pizza

Flavor & The Menu, a magazine and website for chefs that reports on food trends, has recommended a new one: breakfast pizza.

You may have encountered breakfast pizza, but it’s far from ubiquitous.

“The explosive growth of fast casual [dining] has helped elevate pizza to new heights and has kept this exciting category on fire,” says the magazine.

“Consumer acceptance of new flavors, textures, forms and … dayparts [times of the day] has expanded the menu opportunities for pizza even further.”

What does the publication find in the breakfast pizza category?

Look not just to breakfast, but to brunch favorites.

Here are some ideas, but what do you like for breakfast? Make your own breakfast-centric pizza creations.

  • Everything Bagel & Lox Pizza: Whipped chive mascarpone/cream cheese, blistered red onions, fried capers and everything-bagel spice mix, topped with smoked salmon.
  • Pancetta Pizza #1: Pancetta, shredded Yukon gold potatoes, red onion, fontina cheese and a runny egg (at the Red Rabbit in Minneapolis).
  • Pancetta Pizza #2: Shaved pancetta, ricotta, baby kale, caramelized onion and pesto hollandaise (at Pacific Standard Time in Chicago).
  • Shakshuka Pizza: Hatch chile/harissa tomato sauce, fresh spinach, bell peppers and feta crumbles, topped with a runny egg.
    Plus, the basics, with eggs of choice—or no eggs, if that’s your choice:

  • Arugula or asparagus, with goat cheese and eggs.
  • Balsamic-marinated cherry tomatoes, with with onion and eggs.
  • Breakfast meat mash-up: Bacon, ham, sausage and optional corned beef hash, with eggs.
  • Chopped broccoli or kale atop ricotta, with bacon or red bell pepper or sundried tomatoes.
  • Corned beef hash and ricotta with fresh herbs and sunnyside-up eggs.

    Bacon & Egg Breakfast Pizza
    [1] Bacon and egg pizza. Here’s the recipe from Damn Delicious. If you don’t want bacon, how about sliced, roasted fingerling potatoes and chives? Or salmon caviar?

    Scrambled Egg Breakfast Pizza
    [2] Scrambled egg pizza with cheddar and chives. Here’s the recipe from Clean Eats Fast Feets.

  • Grilled or sautéed mushrooms with mozzarella, ricotta and sundried tomatoes.
  • Fruit pizza with ricotta, fruit purée “sauce,” berries and bananas. Serve with yogurt or peanut butter drizzle.
  • Ham and eggs of choice (American ham, pancetta, prosciutto, etc.) atop mozzarella with fresh herbs and cherry tomato garnish.
  • Mashed avocado atop ricotta, topped with a sunnyside-up fried egg.
  • Sausage, caramelized onions, fresh basil and eggs.
    Bon appétit!



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