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TOP PICK OF THE WEEK: The Best Coconut Yogurt, From The Coconut Collaborative

Coconut Collaborative Blueberry Yogurt
[1] One of four flavors of yogurt from The Coconut Collaborative (photo courtesy The Coconut Collaborative).

Coconut Collaborative Lemon Dessert Pot
[2] Dessert pots in Lemon Ganache (above) or Chocolate Ganache (next photo) pack a lot of flavor into a small but satisfying size (photo courtesy The Coconut Collaborative | Facebook).

The Coconut Collective Chocolate Paradise Pots
[3] The Chocolate Ganache pot (photo courtesy Flicking The Vs).

Coconut Collaborative Lemon Dessert Pot
[4] The company calls their products “free from dairy but not from temptation” (photo courtesy The Coconut Collaborative).

  Pure pleasure: That’s what we think about the delectable yogurts and dessert pots from The Coconut Collaborative. They’re our new favorites for breakfast, lunch, snacking and dessert.

The #1 brand of coconut milk-based yogurt brand in Europe, The Coconut Collaborate has come to the U.S., bringing their very impressive dairy-free products. While we love dairy, we also want to eat more sustainably—and more plant-based foods let us do that.

Whether you have a current brand of coconut-based yogurt, don’t like coconut yogurt, are lactose intolerant, or are happy with your dairy-based yogurt, The Coconut Collaborative yogurts must be tried!

They yogurts have an amazing taste, and unlike U.S. coconut yogurt brands we’ve tried, the taste isn’t coconut.

For example, with the So Delicious brand, the taste of coconut shines through the fruit or other flavor. With The Coconut Collaborate yogurts, which are made with cultured coconut milk, the fruit flavors are as prominent as with cow’s milk yogurt.

You taste the delicious fruit-on-the-bottom fruit compote (not preserves), currently Blueberry, Mango and Passionfruit.

Even the Original, made from 95% coconut, can compete in deliciousness with cow’s milk yogurts.

We emphasize this because, even coconut lovers like us don’t necessarily want every flavor of yogurt to have a coconut taste.

The yogurt texture is very think and creamy; the experience is delightful. (With every spoonful, we said to ourselves: “So good! So good!)

The products are also targeted to a healthy lifestyle: plant-based, low in sugar, gluten-free and vegan. The brand is in the process of obtaining OU Pareve kosher certification.

  • The dairy-free yogurts are low sugar, just 5g to 7g (less than half the sugar of the leading coconut yogurt.
  • The plant-based (vegan) yogurts are good for you and sustainable.
  • Coconut milk contains essential vitamins, minerals, electrolytes and antioxidants that supply numerous benefits, from lowering cholesterol and blood pressure to building muscle.

    As delicious as the yogurts are, there’s even a more an indulgent treat: Paradise Pots in chocolate ganache or lemon ganache.

    The name does not exaggerate. At only 100 calories, these single serving dessert pots are bites of paradise.

    Made with coconut cream instead of coconut milk, they’re even richer and thicker than the yogurts, with the benefits.

    Paradise Pots are guilt-free (100 calories) richness that will satisfy cravings, exactly as if you’d had a pot de crème or mousse.

    Treat yourself, family and friends to a Coconut Collaborative tasting session. You’ll enjoy it more than ice cream!

    Here’s the store locator.

    All of the company’s coconuts are sourced from plantations in Southeast Asia.

    The company’s Pur Projet (Pure Project) supports the local farmers, providing a sustainable income for the communities. The project plants thousands of coconut trees each year to ensure that the farmers have new crops to sell.

    The project also helps to regenerate the soil, as it provides a beautiful habitat for wildlife.

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