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TOP PICK OF THE WEEK: Veestro & Other Better-For-You-Foods

Cali'Flour Pizza Crusts
[1] These pizza crusts are made from fresh cauliflower, from Cali’Flour Foods.

Caesar Salad Pizza
[2] You can top your pizza with anything you like—just as with a wheat crust. This Shrimp Caesar Salad pizza is from HealthyMood_SF | Instagram.

KeVita Master Brew Kombucha

[3] Kevita Master Brew kombucha has great flavor plus probiotic benefits (photo courtesy KeVita).


Typically, we have a weekly Top Pick and runners up.

But we feel so strongly about all four of this week’s picks—all “good for you” options—that we declare a four-way tie.

The products are presented in alphabetical order.

If you miss conventional pizza because of a diet plan, check out Cali’Flour, gluten-free pizza crusts made from…fresh cauliflower! (The business is based in California; hence, Cali’Flour.)

Add cheese and your favorite toppings, pop the pizza into the oven, and you’ll soon snack or dine on a crisp, totally satisfying low-carb, low-glycemic pizza.

You can also use the crusts more creatively, for example, to make gluten-free grilled cheese sandwiches and panini.

The all-natural, grain-free crusts have 60 calories and 1 net carb per serving, and are hand-crafted from simple, fresh ingredients: vegetables, mozzarella, eggs, basil. There is no added sugar.

There are three Cali’flour options:

  • The Original Italian Cauliflower Pizza Crusts
  • Sweet Red Pepper Cauliflower Pizza Crusts
  • Plant-Based Italian Pizza Crusts (vegan: dairy-free, egg-free, 100% plant-based)
    There are also gift cards.

    Order yours at

    KeVita, known for its artisan fermented, probiotic, kombucha beverages, are a delight to drink. Made with green and black teas, they’re naturally energizing, with organic caffeine and kombucha green and black tea.

    Effervescent, light and delicious, they’re also good for you.

    We recently received samples of four new energizing Master Brew Kombucha flavors, available at retailers nationwide:

  • Citrus, a fusion of lemon, lime and orange with aromatic rosemary
  • Dragonfruit Lemongrass, an exotic fusion with a hint of basil
  • Mango Habanero, mango sweetness with a spicy habanero kick
    We liked them all, but the Citrus gave us such refreshing energy, we went out purchased a dozen bottles.

    The line also includes Blueberry Basil, Ginger, Grapefruit, Lavender Melon, Pineapple Peach, Raspberry Lemon, Roots Beer and Tart Cherry.

    The company says that Kevita Master Brew Kombucha has six times more beneficial organic acids than leading brands.

    Each bottle 450-ml bottle contains more than 4 billion colony-forming units of live probiotics, 80 milligrams of organic caffeine and 20% of the daily value of B vitamins.

    Even better for the casual kombucha drinker: It’s just 35 calories per 8-ounce serving.

    For those who avoid even tiny amounts of alcohol, the line carries Verified Non-Alcoholic certification. It is also certified organic, gluten-free, non-GMO and vegan.

    Discover more at



    Coffee lovers who find themselves diagnosed with acid reflux, heartburn, ulcers and other stomach issues typically get a “no coffee” directive from their healthcare professionals.

    The acids in coffee irritate the condition (see more about this below). And while we’ve tried Coffig (a caffeine-free, acid-free product made from roasted figs) that is pretty satisfying, it’s close but not the same.

    Lucky sufferers: You now have Trücup low acid coffee. (EDITOR’S NOTE: The company spells it trücup, without an initial capital letter. THE NIBBLE doesn’t use that format: To editors, a proper name with no initial cap looks like a typo.)

    We tried two of the five low-acid blends, and pronounce them to be excellent cups of coffee. You might not notice that the acid has been removed, unless you specifically seek a cup of coffee with that bitter edge. Removing the acid makes the brew very smooth and rich, a bonus for some people.

    As a drinker of black, French Roast coffee, we loved Trücup.

    Premium coffee beans from the best growing regions are blended; then, using a natural, proprietary process, the stomach-upsetting acids are removed.

    There are five low-acid options:

  • Born To Be Mild light roast coffee
  • Stuck In THe Middle medium roast coffee
  • Heart Of Bold dark roast coffee
  • Dark As Night French roast coffee
  • You’ve Got A Blend espresso coffee
    There are bags of ground coffee and K-cups.

    There’s also a decaf, Fake It To The Limit; but it’s not low acid. Evidently, you can create decaf or low acid coffee, but not both.

    Order your Trücup at
    To set the scientific record straight about the acidity of coffee:

    According to an article in Scientific American, the acidity of the coffee itself doesn’t cause stomach distress. Coffee’s pH is similar to potatoes.

    It’s the gastric acid secreted by the stomach cells in response to the coffee acids, chlorogenic acid and caffeine, stimulate the secretion of gastric acid. Here’s more about it.

    We don’t typically review meal plan services, and we’re not vegan.

    But Veestro is a great delivery service for those carnivores and pescatarians who want to eat more sustainably. A few vegan meals a week is no sacrifice, especially when they are delicious as those from Veestro.

    We only tried a few items, but were ready to head to the store and buy more—until we realized they were subscription only.

    You choose what you want. Order a few items à la carte, or sign up for a plan. Give a subscription as a gift.

    Fully prepared, hand-crafted meals arrive on your doorstep, in eco-friendly packaging. Just heat up (as needed), and dig in.

    For all friends and family reading this: Send us as many Ahimi™ Poke Bowls as you like. We’re addicted and can’t wait to clear out the freezer so we can lay in even more.

    By the way, the vegan tuna sashmi, delicious and sustainable, is the first-of-its-kind alternative to raw tuna. Along with other vegan sushi and sashimi, it was created by Ocean Hugger Foods, based in New York City.

    There are gluten-free and kosher options as well. Check them out at

      Trucup Low Acid Coffee
    [4] Need low-acid coffee? You’ve got a blend—in fact, five blends (photo courtesy Trücup).

    Trucup K-Cups
    [5] K-cup users: Trücup’s got you covered (photo courtesy Trücup).

    Vegan Poke Bowl - Veestro
    [6] Our latest passion: a vegan poke bowl (it’s called “Ahimi”) from Veestro.

    Vegan Chicken Dinner - Veestro

    [7] Country-fried Chick’n is one of 50 Veestro options.



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