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Corned Beef Appetizers Recipe For St. Patrick’s Day

What a great accompaniment to a pre-dinner beer on St. Patrick’s Day! The “shamrock” is made with a shamrock cookie cutter and sliced avocado.

Who’d have thought to pair corned beef and avocado? The California Avocado Commission!

And they’re not just for St. Patrick’s Day. Serve them with a beer anytime with a regular slice of avocado on top; or use a different cookie cutter for other holidays.


  • 1 ripe avocado
  • 2 sweet gherkin pickles, diced
  • 16 rye, multigrain or water crackers
  • 32 squares (about the same size as the crackers) cooked
    corned beef
  • Small shamrock cookie cutter
  •   shamrock-avocado-bites-calavocado-230
    Cute appetizers for St. Patrick’s Day. Photo courtesy California Avocado Commission.

    1. MAKE the shamrocks. With the peel still on, slice four slices (¼-inch thick) from the sides of the whole avocado. Remove the pit from the center section and slice the avocado in half lengthwise. Then peel the slices.

    2. USING a small shamrock-shaped cookie cutter, cut shamrock-shaped avocado pieces for each cracker. Cover the surface with plastic wrap so avocado doesn’t discolor; set aside.

    3. PLACE the remaining avocado in a small bowl and stir in the pickles. Spread the avocado mixture on each cracker.

    4. TOP with two squares of corned beef, then an avocado shamrock. Serve.

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