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FOOD FUN: Dough Dogs

A Pekinese “dough dog,” art as food. Photo courtesy Pillsbury.

National Hot Dog Day is July 23rd, so think about inviting your friends (or your kids’ friends) to participate in Pillsbury’s most creative edible craft project: dough dogs.

Take a hot dog and some Pillsbury Crescent dough and create a sculpture of your dog. Check for the rules, and to enjoy the clever dough dogs created by Pillsbury: basset hound, bulldog, dachshund, dalmatian, pekinese, poodle and shar-pei.

The “Best In Dough” Dough Dog

If you want to enter your creation in the contest, upload a picture of your creation to Instagram, Twitter or Pillsbury’s Facebook page, by July 29th. Facebook fans will vote on four finalists, selected by the Pillsbury judges.

So put your best paw forward, and have fun making hot dog hounds. Yes, you can eat them. In fact, this could become a regular family activity: edible art.


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