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FOOD FUN: A Hot Dog Sculpture

Eat your craft project: a dog made from hot
dogs. Photo courtesy Dietz and Watson.


Family and friends will howl with delight at this edible dog sculpture made of hot dogs or brats. We love edible craft projects!

The recipe is courtesy Dietz & Watson, purveyors of premium deli meats.


Ingredients Per Dog

  • 1-2 plump hot dogs
  • Toothpicks
  • Optional: thick cucumber slice, mustard and/or

    1. SLICE off one end of the hot dog; cut the end piece in half to make the ears.

    2. CUT off the other end in a chunk large enough for the head.

    3. MAKE the feet and tail by cutting one-inch pieces in half. Depending on the length of the original piece, you may have enough length in the body of the dog to cut the four feet and the tail. Or, you may need part of a second hot dog.

    3. AFFIX all the appendages with toothpicks

    4. OPTIONAL: Use a melon baller to hollow out a thick cucumber slice as a “dog bowl”; fill with mustard or ketchup and place in front of the dog as a dipping sauce.

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    Have fun!


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