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VALENTINE’S DAY: Last Minute Cupcake Ideas

A tiny heart turns a simple cupcake into a
Valentine celebration. Photo courtesy

  Just one little candy heart turns seemingly plain cupcakes into a perfect Valentine’s Day treat.

The flower design was added inspiration, but we actually prefer the minimalist approach—heart only—for its elegant simplicity.

Head to the bakery and buy some cupcakes. Head to the candy store and grab some themed candy. If you only have a supermarket at hand, decorate with red or pink sprinkles and top the sprinkles with a chocolate kiss.

You might not have time to bake these double lemon cupcakes today, but they are simply splendid: a lemon cupcake topped with lemon cream cheese frosting. Get the lemon cupcake recipe from, and put it on your “To Bake” list.

Because we’re crazy for lemon curd (and all things lemon), we turned the recipe into Triple Lemon Cupcakes:


  • When the cupcakes are cool, take a melon baller and scoop into the center.
  • Fill the cavity with lemon curd and replace the top part of the cake you’re removed as a cap.
  • You’ll have to trim off everything but the very top to accommodate the lemon curd.


    And now for that all-American favorite, red velvet cupcakes.

    Bella Baker herself, Lauryn Cohen, makes them as they should be: with beets, not red food color.

    We find that most red velvet cake is bland: all color, no flavor. If you, too, don’t understand what all the fuss is about, bake a recipe that uses beets.

    Here’s Bella Baker’s red velvet cupcake recipe.

    THE NIBBLE wishes you a Valentine’s Day filled with love—and some great things to eat.

    Turn red velvet cupcakes into Valentine cupcakes with a sprinkle of tiny hearts. Photo courtesy


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