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GIFT: Gourmet Flavored Hot Chocolate

Chai & Mighty is one of four flavored hot
chocolates from gourmet producer Lake
Champlain Chocolates. Photo by Elvira
Kalviste | THE NIBBLE.

  Hanukkah begins tonight, so today’s gift suggestion is kosher-certified.

For Hannuakh, Christmas or other occasion, gourmet hot chocolate is a delightful gift during the chillier months.

What makes hot chocolate “gourmet?”

Higher quality ingredients, for starters: the cocoa powder or chocolate shavings are better to start with.

Second, gourmet hot chocolate comes in delicious flavors that make the gift extra special. We tried these, from Lake Champlain Chocolates, a fine producer of chocolates and confections:

  • Aztec Hot Chocolate, spiced with cinnamon, a hint of cayenne and vanilla
  • Chai & Mighty Hot Chocolate with chai spices
  • Mocha Hot Chocolate, flavored with coffee and cinnamon
  • Mountain Mint Hot Chocolate, flavored with sprightly mint

    If you don’t want flavors, try:

  • Traditional Hot Chocolate
  • Old World Hot Chocolate made of chocolate shavings (also called drinking chocolate)
  • Old World Drinking Chocolate
  • Organic Fair Trade Hot Chocolate
  • Winter Hot Chocolate, the Traditional Hot Chocolate in a festive winter-themed tin
    If you don’t want sugar, try:

  • Organic Fair Trade Unsweetened Cocoa, and add a noncaloric sweetener
    Buy them online at

    Purchase three or more tins by December 9th and enjoy a 15% discount.


    Yes, there is a difference: Here it is, along with related terms such as Swiss hot chocolate.


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