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PRODUCT: Campbell’s GO Soup—Not Your Mother’s Campbell’s Soup

Campbell’s Soup is one of those iconic brands that goes back so many generations as to be ho hum to today’s youth. So the company got hip and developed the new Campbell’s Go line: microwavable pouches of soup that heat conveniently in the microwave and pour easily into the nearest mug.

Not only is the new line can-free, but it’s spice-laden. The blander red and white cans of soup consumed by generations have given way to the hotter tastes of Millennials, who have been raised with access to curry, salsa and wasabi. This is not your mother’s Campbell’s Soup.

And the branding is “hipster-inspired,” with a different hipster model for each flavor. The target market: soup lovers 18 and up, with a focus on the nation’s 80 million Millennials between the ages of 25 and 35, whom the company describes as “restless spirits with adventurous tastes.”

At $2.99 for a satisfying 14-ounce pouch, Campbell’s Go is a more reasonable alternative than what you get at the deli (we just paid $4.99 for a takeout cup of miso soup at Whole Foods).


Dude! It’s time for soup! Photo courtesy Campbell’s Soup.


Hipsters, wannabees and the rest of us need only go as far as the microwave to enjoy Campbell’s Go. The pouches of soup require no refrigeration and no can opener. You do, however, need scissors to vent the top of the pouch before microwaving.


No can opener required…but you do need a
scissors to cut a vent at the top before
microwaving the bag. Photo courtesy
Campbell’s Soup.


Good! We would tweak a couple of the recipes as noted. The “bold and unexpected” globally-inspired recipes include:

  • Chicken & Quinoa With Poblano Chiles has very mild spice and also very little quinoa. Though chock full of nutrition—two types of beans (black and pinto) chicken and veggies (corn, bell pepper, tomato)—compared to the others the flavor is less exciting.
  • Coconut Curry With Chicken & Shiitake Mushrooms is a charmer; we just love coconut milk-based soups. Water chestnuts add welcome crunch.
  • Creamy Red Pepper With Smoked Gouda is rich and cheesy. As opposed to the other varieties, which are chunky with veggies and meat, this soup is more of a purée with some strips of red pepper and other veggies. But the soup is so tasty, you won’t miss chunkiness.

  • Golden Lentil With Madras Curry has yellow lentils, tomatoes and spinach in a coconut milk base. There’s a peppery poblano kick, with soft-style veggies that are true to curries.
  • Moroccan Style Chicken With Chickpeas has lots of al dente chickpeas and mild heat. We needed some more defined seasoning, though, and added a few shakes of Morocco’s famous spice blend, za’atar.
  • Spicy Chorizo & Pulled Chicken With Black Beans is the spiciest of the group: throat-tickling spicy. It’s chock full of large circles of chorizo, corn kernels, diced bell pepper, black beans and pulled chicken.

    We really liked these soups and will certainly stock up. But we’ll still be buying one of our favorite comfort foods, Campbell’s Tomato Soup. The one painted by Andy Warhol. In the red and white can.

    Campbell’s Go is available at food stores nationwide. Learn more at the website.

    One final note: The package suggests microwaving for 2 to 2-1/2 minutes. Our 1000 watt Sharp Carousel microwave delivered super-hot soup in just two minutes. Another half minute made the soup so hot, we were tortured by the tantalizing aroma while waiting for it to cool down.

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