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TIP OF THE DAY: How To Host A Greener Memorial Day Celebration

Today, we’re passing on tips from the GreenBrideGuide.com, a resource for couples who desire an ecologically conscious wedding. The website’s cocktail and barbeque tips can also help you have a green(er) Memorial Day celebration.

Here are five ideas to make your outdoor event green or greener. It can also help to make family and friends more conscious of what can small steps can be taken to help the environment.

1. Use All Natural Charcoal
Cook with natural charcoal. One brand to look for is Lazzari natural mesquite charcoal. Made from ecologically harvested wood, it is a carbon neutral alternative that provides better flavor than briquettes. You can purchase it online. Also check out Hardwood Lump Charcoal. Here’s why it’s better than briquettes.

2. Serve Refreshing Green Drinks
Serve eco-friendly beer, and make your Mojitos from organic rum, organic limes and crushed organic mint (you can grow it in your garden, though not in time for this Memorial Day). Check out The Organic Spirits Company, which sells organic gin, rum, vodka and scotch.

Before you put a shrimp on the barbie, think of what you can do to create a more sustainable Memorial Day celebration. Photo by Atif Gulzar | SXC.
Serve drinks in recycled glass containers or reuse Mason jars as hefty, shatter-resistant drinking glasses (they can become your signature party glass). You can also get biodegradable straws (or simply buy paper instead of plastic).

3. Use Sustainable Serving Ware
Buy heavy-duty paper plates: They’re biodegradable. If you must use plastic, look for sustainable plastic plates. Susty Party Plates are made from recycled plastic and can be reused. Also check out the Bambu line of biodegradable bamboo plates. Put a “Recycle Your Utensils” bin next to the trash can so plastic flatware can be washed and used for the next party (it usually can be put it in the dishwasher).


Use paper plates and cups, not plastic. Photo
courtesy Creative Converting.

  4. Get Green Grilling Tools
The next time you buy grilling tools, look for greener alternatives, like this Eco BBQ Set, constructed from FDA compliant materials such as stainless steel and bamboo.

5. Bug Off With Citronella
When the sun sets, nothing ruins an outdoor party faster than mosquitoes! Try all natural citronella torches like these Big Dipper Wax Works. Made from bug repellant beeswax and soy candles with essential oils, they burn for eight hours. Then, you can pop another one into the reusable bamboo base. Beeswax is 100% natural and a renewable resource that actually cleans the air by emitting purifying negative ions.

Want to plan greener parties? Start with the best-selling The Green Bride Guide: How To Plan An Earth-Friendly Wedding On Any Budget. Any event can be made greener with its guidelines.



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