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TIP OF THE DAY: Beer & Salsa Party Bar With Mexican Beer For Cinco De Mayo

One of our favorite ways to celebrate Cinco de Mayo is with a Mexican beer and salsa bar: a tasting of different beers from Mexico, different salsas, and our favorite corn chips from Food Should Taste Good.

Bohemia* is one of our favorite Mexican beers. It was named after a region in the former republic of Czechoslovakia† that produced some of the world’s finest beers.

A pale pilsner-style beer, it is the most awarded of Mexican beers. It’s worth tracking down.

To set up a beer and salsa bar:

1. Pick six different beers† and six different types of salsa. Choose among green salsa/salsa verde/tomatillo salsa, red salsa, salsa fresca, or pico de gallo (fresh red salsa), salsas made with beans, chipotle, corn, and fruit.

2. Serve the salsa in bowls. Place the salsa containers behind the bowls so people know what they’re eating.

3. Use small cups/glasses. You want your guests to try all six beers, but not to overindulge. The five-ounce disposable plastic tumblers (“rocks glasses”) available in supermarkets are on the generous side. You can also use plastic or glass shot glasses.

4. Beer tasting notes. If you have time, make cards to set in front of each of the beers, mentioning the style and any tasting notes you want to provide (you can find this information online).

5. Don’t forget the napkins and plates!

  • he different types of salsas.T
  • The different types of beers.

    *Czechoslovakia split into the Czech Republic (capital, Prague) and Slovakia (capital, Bratislava) in 1993. Bohemia is located in the contemporary Czech Republic.

    †The majority of Mexican beer is produced by two large companies. FEMSA is the maker of Bohemia, Carta Blanca, Dos Equis, Indio, Sol, Superior, Tecate and the seasonal Noche Buena. Grupo Modelo produces Corona, Corona Light, Modelo Especial, Modelo Light, Negra Modelo and Pacifico. Estrella, Montejo and Victoria are made by smaller producers.


    [1] Serve as many different types of salsa as you like. Your guests will enjoy tasting them (photo © Rodnae Productions | Pexels).

    [2] Bohemia beer: a fine way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo (photo by Jaclyn Nussbaum | © The Nibble).



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