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SUPER BOWL & BEYOND: Lentil Chips & Hummus Chips

Hummus chips and lentil chips are each
available in three flavors. Photo by Elvira
Kalviste | THE NIBBLE.

  How many different ways do you enjoy hummus? As a dip, of course; but also as a bread spread, on sandwiches, on a mezze plate, as a dip, as a canapé (as filled cherry tomatoes or on crostini with ham or turkey, for example), as low-cholesterol deviled eggs (replace the mashed yolk filling with hummus) and [add your own favorite use here].

And then, there are hummus chips. While hummus chips have been around for a few years, there’s a new hummus chip in town. And it’s brought its lentil-based brother.

Simply7* bakes chickpeas into all-natural, bite sized hummus chips, and does the the same with lentils. The result: two flavorful, nutritious chip alternatives for the Super Bowl and beyond.

Each variety is made in three flavors:

  • Hummus Chips: Hummus Sea Salt, Hummus Tomato Basil, Hummus Spicy Chili Pepper
  • Lentil Chips: Lentil Sea Salt, Lentil Creamy Dill, Lentil Bruschetta
    *The name does not stand for seven ingredients, but for the seven core standards that the chips must live up to: (1) simple ingredients containing (2) no trans fat or cholesterol, (3) no artificial flavors or colors, (4) no additives or preservatives, (5) gluten-free ingredients, (6) all-natural recipes and (7) simply delicious.

    Both chickpeas and lentils have long been appreciated for their nutritional value. Chickpeas are packed with protein, fiber and other important minerals, as are lentils. Both are low in sodium and are cholesterol-free.

    If your Super Bowl crowd likes things on the healthier side—or simply likes to try new and different foods—introduce them to Simply7.

    Simply7 Hummus Chips and Lentil Chips are available nationally in select stores and on

    We also enjoyed baked lentil chips in six flavors from Mediterranean Snack Foods: Cracked Pepper, Cucumber Dill, Parmesan Garlic, Roasted Pepper, Rosemary and Sea Salt. Is this the beginning of a new chip trend?

    Learn more at and Mediterranean Snack
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