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TIP OF THE DAY: How To Caramelize Onions (Recipe)

Caramelized onions on brie on toasted French bread. Photo by Paul Binet | IST.

  Caramelization is a relatively simple process. For many people, however, it is one that often leads to frustration and/or burnt food.

This is because for many home cooks, caramelizing is something of a mystery.

How does one get that perfect caramel color and sweet, round flavor from a sauté pan? How hot should your pan be? How long does the process take? How do you keep things from burning? How much oil does the whole process take? To stir or not to stir?

Suffice to say, there are a number of things that can go wrong. But armed with the right knowledge, you can get luscious brown color and sweet sugar flavor out of the onions and other veggies you put into the pan.

Chef Johnny Gnall lays out the steps to perfect caramelization. Once you work your way through them, you’ll find yourself making batches of delicious caramelized onions. We do it weekly. The onions are delectable with almost any savory food.


Caramelized onions are also healthy. Onions are an anti-inflammatory, filled with more polyphenols (a type of antioxidant) than garlic, tomatoes, red bell peppers, carrots and many other vegetables. Like their cousin garlic, they can have a positive cardiovascular effect. And studies have shown that onions can help increase bone density and lower the risk of several cancers.

Health care experts recommend eating half a medium onion each day. Cook it in heart-healthy canola oil and you’ve got a delicious home run.

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