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TOP PICK & TIP OF THE DAY: Set Up A Falafel Bar

A nutritious, delicious plate of falafel,
hummus and tabbouleh. Photo by J. Java
| Fotolia.

  If you’ve never had falafel, you’re in for a treat. If you’re already a falafel fan, this article will give you more ideas on how to enjoy the crunchy vegan fritters.

As with Indian and Japanese cuisines and other international foods, the presence of falafel has expanded in America. Fifty years ago, if your city had a significant Middle Eastern population, you might be able to find a casual fast food restaurant and get a falafel-in-pita sandwich or a combination plate of falafel, hummus, babaganoush and tabbouleh.

Today, Trader Joe’s sells ready-to-heat-and-eat falafel (and the pita to go with it), and Falafel Republic sells falafel in supermarkets nationwide.

Even the traditional “falafel stand” has expanded to a falafel bar, offering a dozen or more self-serve accompaniments: pickled vegetables, salads, olives, sauces and more.

Protein-rich, fiber-rich falafel with lots of veggies: What could be better tasting, better for you and fun!


That’s why this week’s Top Pick is also our Tip Of The Day: Make falafel and set up your own falafel bar. In addition to a special family meal, it’s fun party fare.

We’ve got four pages of information, recipes and serving suggestions.

  • Start with an overview of falafel, believed to have been invented by ancient Egyptian Christians as fare for meat-free religious holidays.
  • Check out the article index and decide where to dig in.

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