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FOOD HOLIDAY: American Craft Beer Week

This poster says, “Time to have a party.”
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  This is a great time to be a beer lover. The American craft brewing movement, which began around 1980, has come of age. Stores are laden with full-flavored beers in many styles. In fact, we now have more beer styles and beer brands to choose from than any other market in the world.

You may not have plans to host a party next week. But May 16-22 is American Craft Beer Week, a perfect opportunity to invite friends and colleagues to a craft beer tasting. If you’re on a budget, make it a BYO and raise glasses of IPA, amber ale, stout and everything in between.

(Learn your beer types in our Beer Glossary.)

We suggest laying out a table with a dozen different craft beers, each with a card that includes the name and type of beer, location of the brewery and place of purchase—so that people can stock up on their favorites. Depending on the size of the crowd, have two or more bottles of each beer.

Then, all you need are:

  • Tasting glasses so that a small amount of each beer can be tried (you can find two-ounce plastic shot glasses).
  • Paper and pens for people who want to write tasting notes.
  • Whatever munchies you want to serve—from salsa and chips to franks or wrap sandwiches.
    Of the some 1,700 breweries in America, more than 90% are small, independent craft brewers—a spectacular growth since 2008, when craft brewers represented a mere 6.3% of breweries (source: Brewers Association). Millions of beer lovers now support their local breweries as well as stores that have a selection of fine craft brews from other states.

    How much beer can you drink “responsibly?”

    Here’s a handy tool from the Brewers Association: calculate your body alcohol content based on your weight, gender, metabolic rate and other factors.


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