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PRODUCT: Bobby Sue’s Nuts

Dry roasted and seasoned, we’re hooked on
Bobby Sue’s “Some Like It Hot” nuts.
Photo courtesy Bobby Sue’s Nuts.
  A reader recently directed us to Bobby Sue’s Nuts, calling them the best nuts she’d ever had.

While we’ve tried far too many brands of nuts to make that pronouncement, Bobby Sue’s is certainly up there in the Best Hot & Spicy Nuts category.

All three varieties of Bobby Sue’s Nuts are quite nice if you like a dry-roasted style of mixed nuts that are very crunchy.

  • Original is a savory style with a barely-there touch of sweetness and just a hint of cinnamon.
  • It’s Raining Chocolate’s drizzle of dark, milk, and white chocolate is not enough of a chocolate fix for us, but the light cinnamon flavor is lovely.
  • Some Like It Hot, our favorite, adds a level of sizzle similar to a medium-heat salsa with a long, long finish. We enjoy them straight from the jar or nut dish, tossed into salads or atop ice cream (we love the hot-and-cold effect).
    While the products are not organic-certified (an expensive undertaking), the ingredients–including almonds, cashews, pecans, sugar, egg whites and spices, plus water and salt–are all organic.

    Bobby Sue’s Nuts can be purchased online in 8-ounce jars for $12.00. The Original flavor is also available in 2-, 16- and 32-ounce sizes from $3.75 to $36, at

    Think of them for poker and bridge games and as small gifts and stocking stuffers.

    A percentage of each sale goes to the local SPCA shelter.


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