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TIP OF THE DAY: Make A Change For Earth Day

Kermit the Frog said that it isn’t easy being green.

But in one sense, at least, he’s wrong. It’s easy to be green (or greener) by making some simple lifestyle changes.

Today is Earth Day, so our tip is to make the Earth a healthier place by making one change from this list:

  • Eat fewer animal products. Much as we love meat, cheese and ice cream, the methane from manure is the #1 contributor to climate change. Compounding this, consumer demands for more meat result in the felling of forests to create more grazing land. Forests trap carbon dioxide, playing a major role in mitigating climate change.
    Help save the planet by developing a repertoire of great vegan and vegetarian dishes and go meatless one day a week (build up to two days). Today we’re having falafel—a vegan crowd pleaser we bought frozen at Trader Joe’s—for dinner, and making a concerted effort going forward to switch our ice cream habit to dairy-free sorbet.
    Eat more vegetarian and vegan foods. Falafel
    and hummus, very popular foods, are both
    vegan. Photo © J. Java | Fotolia.

  • Eat seasonally, buy locally. You’ve heard a lot about this. Buying local, seasonal food reduces the amount of fuel (“food miles”) used to bring the food to your table.
  • Carry a BPA-free water bottle. Models like this one from Watergeeks have an internal water filter, so any tap water you add to the bottle will taste good. Spare the landfill from disposable water bottles.
  • Avoid products with excess packaging. The less packaging, the less waste. Look at the bulk food bins to see what you can purchase unpackaged. Refuse to buy over-packaged products.
    Eco Glossary: Twelve terms you should know.

    Organic Food Terms: Everything you need to know about sustainable foods.

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