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PRODUCT: Monterey Jack From Tillamook Cheese

Our two-pound loaf disappeared in a week.
Photo courtesy Tillamook Cheese.

  April is National Grilled Cheese Month (Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day was April 12th).

Here’s a wonderful everyday cheese to head up the celebration: Tillamook’s Monterey Jack cheese, voted America’s Best Monterey Jack Cheese at the 2011 United States Champion Cheese Contest. (The company’s Colby Jack–a blend of two cheeses–was also a winner, taking Best In Class honors.)

This Monterey Jack’s fresh, buttery flavor and creamy texture are spot-on. Its meltability gives it the versatility to work with just about anything – it’s a Jack of all trades in the kitchen. Here are 25 suggestions from Tillamook and THE NIBBLE:

Ideas With Shredded Monterey Jack

1. Wrapped with potatoes and eggs in a breakfast burrito.
2. Mashed into potatoes with butter.
3. Melted in an omelet with vegetables.
4. Stuffed into grilled peppers.
5. Paired with sausage and mushrooms in a breakfast strata.


6. Mixed into salads—try grilled chicken, green chile, avocado, tomato and romaine, with a side of tortilla chips.
7. Mixed into mac and cheese, by itself or in combination, like in this three-cheese recipe.
8. Made into cheese soup.
9. Sprinkled atop tortilla soup, or used as a garnish for other soups (try corn chowder with shredded Monterey Jack and crumbled bacon).
10. Baked atop enchiladas; in fajitas, tacos and other Tex-Mex favorites.
11. Rolled into meatballs.
12. Grated onto garlic fries.
13. Sprinkled onto roasted vegetables.
14. Melted into cheese fondue.
15. In a baked potato.
16. On a pizza (try a Buffalo Chicken pizza, blended with crumbled blue cheese—here’s the recipe).
17. In a manicotti recipe with salsa (try this chipotle manicotti).
Ideas With Sliced Monterey Jack
18. Layered on a ham or turkey sandwich, or any favorite sandwich.
19. Grilled between sliced bread for a superior grilled cheese sandwich.
20. Fried on an egg sandwich.
21. Broiled on bread with a slice of roast beef.
22. As a snack right out of the package.
23. As a general garnish.
24. On a cheese board.
25. With a glass of white wine.

Don’t think that a two-pound loaf is too much. Between recipes and snacking, it might last a week. Other sizes are available, including 8-ounce chunks, 12-ounce slices, and 1- and 2.5-pound loaves.

  • If you don’t know Jack, read the history of Monterey Jack cheese.
  • Find more of our favorite cheeses and recipes in our Gourmet Cheese Section.
  • Tillamook County Creamery Association is a cooperative of 220 farming families, known for its award-winning Cheddar and other dairy products. Learn more about Tillamook at

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