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ST. PATRICK’S DAY: Leafy Green Recipes


On St. Patrick’s Day, many of us will be wearin’ the green. But how about eatin’ the green?

Celebrate by trying some new leafy green vegetable recipes; specifically, bok choy, collards and kale.

Bok choy and collard greens may not sound Irish, but kale was one of the most popular vegetables in Europe, through the Middle Ages. The ancient Romans enjoyed both collards and kale. And all three are cousins!

  • Bok choy, collard greens and kale are members of the Brassica botanical family, which also includes broccoli, broccoli, brussels sprouts, cauliflower, cabbage, kohlrabi, mustard greens and turnips, among others).
  • Eat as much as you can from this group: the photochemicals (antioxidants) may keep you healthy. (In the name of fine food writing, we won’t tell you what it protects you from; look it up.)
  • These veggies are truly delicious. Much as we love broccoli, green beans and spinach, a change of pace is not only welcome, but enlightening. Each time we serve bok choy, collards or kale to guests, they swear that they’re going to pick some up the next day.
    Here’s a video that will inspire you to head to the nearest produce market:



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