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RECIPE: Savory Cheesecake

Basil Cheesecake Recipe

Nacho Cheesecake Recipe

[1] Nacho cheesecake (photo courtesy [2] A no-bake savory basil cheesecake (photos courtesy Eat Wisconsin Cheese).


What’s a savory cheesecake?

Using a base of cream cheese—just like dessert cheesecake—it’s an unsweetened cheesecake that combines savory ingredients: herbs, vegetables, seafood and/or other cheeses.

A savory cheesecake:

  • Can be a spread for party bread and crackers.
  • Can be a first course or cheese course consisting of a slice of cheesecake eaten with a fork. (We serve ours on a plate with a mesclun salad and vinaigrette.)
  • Can be a large cheesecakes or individual cheesecakes.
  • Can combine just about any flavors, from shrimp to jalapeño to roquefort.
  • Are great for special occasions.
  • Are always a big hit, because few people have ever had one.
    Try these delicious recipes, courtesy of the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board, representing the dairy farmers who create some of the world’s best cheeses. Just take a look at the photos: You’ll want to make them all!

  • Blue Cheese Cheesecake Recipe
  • Cool & Creamy Tuna Cheesecake Recipe
  • Grand Cru Gruyère & Lobster Cheesecake Recipe
  • Nacho Cheesecake Recipe
  • No Bake Savory Basil Cheesecake Recipe
  • Provolone & Corn Cheesecake Recipe

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