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RECIPE: Gold & Caviar Nougat Cream

Forget salted caramel: We want the Czar’s
ice cream and caviar parfait. Photo by
Igor Dukhnovskyi | Russian Tea Room.

Looking for a spectacular, luxurious dessert for New Year’s Eve? Something no one has had before? Something people will be talking about for years?

Look no further than the menu at New York’s legendary Russian Tea Room.

For the holidays, the restaurant has created the Czar’s Gold & Caviar Parfait. It’s a spin on the sweet-and-salty dessert trend that would definitely belong at the Czar’s table. Here’s our recreation of the recipe:

1. Make a frozen nougat cream (nougat ice cream) in dome-shaped molds (so much more elegant than scoops). You can use this recipe with all almonds instead of three different types of nut. No ice cream maker is required.

2. Unmold and top with sliced toasted almonds, You can caramelize them, but the savory uncaramelized flavor complements the sweet-and-salty theme of the dish. Better yet, buy the Kirkland brand of Spain’s luscious Marcona almonds with sea salt, and chop them roughly. You can buy then online but they’re much less expensive at Costco stores.


3. Top with a spoonful of sturgeon caviar.

4. Decorate the plate with bittersweet chocolate sauce.

5. Sprinkle plate with 24-karat edible gold leaf.

When you look at the cost to make a batch—including $90.00 for an ounce of sturgeon caviar and $40 for the gold leaf—it might make sense to stop by the Russian Tea Room. There, you can enjoy The Czar’s Gold & Caviar Parfait at dinner: $23.00 à la carte or a $10.00 supplement to the prix fixe holiday menu.

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