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RECIPE: The New Surf And Turf

[1] The new “surf & turf” (photo © Allen Brothers).


What’s better than filet mignon? How about a tender filet topped with something equally delicious?

Allen Brothers, a NIBBLE Top Pick Of The Week, has topped filet mignon with lobster, mushroom and spinach-cheese stuffing—essentially using the stuffing one might put into chicken or fish filet and creating a crown for the filet mignon.

The first two ideas are “surf and turf,” with lobster or crab atop the filet:

  • Lobster Topping: chopped lobster, fresh herbs (try tarragon or thyme), scallions, cream, butter, sweet onions, bread crumbs and a touch of garlic.
  • Venetian Topping: mozzarella cheese, chopped spinach, lump crab meat, garlic, rosemary and feta cheese.

Those who don’t care for seafood can elect:

  • Mushroom Topping: Shiitake, portabella and oyster mushrooms and truffles and a splash of red wine in a demi-glace stock.
You can purchase a box of 12 or a sampler of 18 with all three varieties. Since you may not need twelve and/or feel the price ($179.95 to $199.95) is too dear in this economy, you can buy a filet or two and make your own. While the recipes are secret, it’s not hard to combine the ingredients listed.

What part of the steer does filet mignon come from? Why is it so tender, and why is it the most expensive cut of beef?

These and many other questions are answered in our Beef Glossary.

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