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TIP OF THE DAY: Drunken Fruit

As part of a dessert course, as a “palate cleanser” between a meat course and a very sweet dessert or as a finale before after-dinner drinks, serve a small glass of fruit marinated in rum.

For year-round ease, we use a mix of red and green grapes soaked in Myers’s Rum, a dark, mellow rum, which hits the spot. They’re easy to prepare: just wash and pull off the stems. You can try any of your favorite fruits, cut into small pieces. Take advantage of cherry season; cherries in rum are always a hit.

Serve the fruit in brandy snifters, demitasse cups, sake cups, jiggers or anything that you have on hand. You can mix and match the glassware if you don’t have enough of any one type to serve all guests.

Use a citrus drink rimmer to decorate the glass rims for an even snazzier effect. If you have cocktail picks or small lobster picks, use them to spear the fruit; otherwise toothpicks are fine. Yes, you get to drink the rum too!

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Add some rum and serve! Photo by
Zsuzanna Kilian | SXC.

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