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Tortilla cups 230

If you think you can’t make a traditional
wrap sandwich, roll a cone! Photo courtesy
Tumaro’s Tortillas.

You may buy sandwich wraps for lunch, but do you make them at home?

If you’re still wedded to two slices of bread, try wraps instead for Cinco de Mayo. When you see how easy they are to make, they may become a permanent addition to your menu. Here’s a diagram of how to fold a wrap sandwich.

We enjoy using colorful tortillas to wrap our sandwiches.

1. Spread the wrap with a teaspoon of your favorite condiment.

2. Add your favorite sandwich fillings: thin slices of your favorite meats and cheeses, grilled vegetables and mozzarella, tuna salad, etc.

3. Roll up the tortillas, jelly roll style, and cut into halves or thirds.


You can also make dessert wraps (think bananas, pecan and caramel sauce; berries, ricotta and chocolate chips; fruit, coconut and custard).

Learn about Tumaro’s Tortillas, our favorite brand (kosher, too).

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