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PRODUCT: Scrape Without Scratching

So you have a glass cooktop. Terrific! But cleaning it is not so terrific. To remove a cooked-on mess, you need to use a razor blade-type instrument, ?very carefully.

The SKrAPr was born after its inventor scratched his own glass cooktop with the conventional razor-type cleaning implement. Made with a patented blend of ?resins that will not mark or damage any surface, The SKrAPr easily pushes through hardened food deposits. The hard edge also is effective for digging into corners.

But The SKrAPr (we’re getting dizzy from looking at this silly spelling) has proven its usefulness for multiple scraping tasks. It safely cleans pots, pans and glass cooking ?vessels, and enables scratch-free scraping of hardwood floors, tiles, granite counters, windows and ?more.

The tool sports an ergonomically correct handle for optimum ?leverage and scraping ability. It’s dishwasher safe.



Scrape without scratching. Photo courtesy
Handy Home Products.

More benefits: You save money. You can clean a glass ?top stove with nothing more than water—no need for expensive glasstop ?cleaners. There’s a lifetime warranty, as ?opposed to a razor blade scraper, which constantly needs fresh, sharp ?blades.

And you preserve that pricey cooktop from ugly scratches.

  • Learn more about The SKrAPr. You can get the 8-inch SKraPR and a mini 4-inch SKrAPr for $14.99 at:
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