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EVENT: Donate $1 To Save The World


Much of the world has no running water, but
with your $1 contribution they can have safe
drinking water. Photo courtesy UNICEF.

Think of all of the places in your travels where you’ve been warned, “Don’t drink the water!” It isn’t any safer for the people who live there than for tourists passing through.

At home, few of us think twice when enjoying a refreshing glass of water—or brushing our teeth, for that matter. But in much of the third world, as you’ve no doubt heard many times, people don’t have clean drinking water—and get sick and die from unsafe water supplies.

Approximately 900 million people worldwide, nearly half of them children, lack access to clean water. Young children are the first to become ill and die from waterborne and sanitation-related illnesses including diarrheal diseases and malaria. Lack of access to clean drinking water continues to be a leading killer for children under the age of five, worldwide. There are a staggering 24,000 daily deaths that are preventable.


So what can you do about it, given your busy life?

With $1, UNICEF can provide one child access to safe, clean water for 40 days.

  • A purchase of a bottle of Giorgio Armani’s men’s fragrance, Acqua di Gio For Men, during the month of March will generate a $1.00 donation to the UNICEF Tap Project, to provide clean water to children around the world.
  • Simply becoming a Facebook Friend on the Acqua di Gio Facebook page (www.facebook.com/acquadigio) during the month of March will generate a $1.00 donation.
  • During World Water Week 2010, March 21-27, you can donate $1 or more for the tap water served to you at participating restaurants nationwide (you can find them at TapProject.org).
  • You can donate $1 or more anytime online at TapProject.org. This year’s funds will primarily support Haiti, Central African Republic, Guatemala, Togo and Vietnam. Even before the earthquake in Haiti, less than 60% of the population had access to safe water.

For more information or to register as a volunteer, visit TapProject.org.


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