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TIP OF THE DAY: Pairing Fine Cheddar

Americans tend to pair Cheddars with apples and grapes. That’s OK with supermarket Cheddars. But farmstead Cheddars—artisan Cheddars—are complex, full-flavored cheeses that go well with a wide range of accompaniments.

  • Try figs and dates or mostarda—glazed fruits in a mustard sauce.
  • In summer months, Cheddar with a sliced vine-ripened tomato (sprinkled with sea salt), celery stalks and crusty bread make a delicious light lunch.
  • Or, combine Cheddar with prosciutto, fruit chutney and fennel sticks, along with crusty farmhouse bread or raisin bread.
    What to drink? Try Cheddar with an India Pale Ale (lots of hops complement the flavor) or a Ruby Port.

    Some of our favorite farmhouse Cheddars:

  • Beehive Cheese Company, in Utah, makes Barely Buzzed Cheddar rubbed with ground coffee beans. This award winner is dynamite for coffee lovers.
  • California’s Fiscalini Farmstead makes a Bandage Wrapped Cheddar that has racked up awards since its inception. The company also combines Cheddar and Parmesan in its San Joaquin Gold.

    Fiscalini Farmstead’s Bandage-Wrapped Cheddar. Photo by Brian Van Sise | THE NIBBLE.
    Cheddar with fruits and nuts has long been popular. A wedge of cheddar has long been popular with apple pie.

    But how about some Cheddar ice cream—great with apple pie? It’s terrific!

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