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VALENTINE’S DAY: Sparkling Wine With Your Chocolates

If you want a sparkling wine with your Valentine’s Day chocolate—whether from Champagne or other parts of the globe—make sure it’s a sweet one. The label should say sec or demi sec.

A dry Champagne (the label says brut) doesn’t go with sweet foods.

And for a bargain, take a look at other bubblies outside of rosé Champagne.

For starters, head to Italy, to Martini (formerly Martini & Rossi). Martini’s Sparkling Rosé is sweet, fruity and a great pairing with chocolate.

From a company famous for its vermouth, this new sparkling rosé, introduced last year, is a winner among sweet sparkling wines. It’s made with Moscato Bianco, Malvasia and Brachetto grapes from Italy’s Piedmont and Veneto regions.

Light, crisp and aromatic with a pretty rosy hue, Sparkling Rosé has hints of citrus, elderflower and peach—tons of fruit on the palate and a lively effervescence.

Available in a 750 ml bottle and 187 ml 4-packs, it’s a bargain. The list price for the 750 ml bottle is $13.99, but we found it for as little as $11.49.

  Sparkling Rose
If you want bubbly with your chocolate, make it sweet bubbly. This Martini Sparkling Rosé hits the spot (photo courtesy Bacardi Limited).
The company also makes a naturally sweet Asti—a bit too sweet for us, but others might enjoy it—and fine extra dry Prosecco.

Another favorite of ours is Rosa Regale Sparkling Red from Banfi, which you can find for as little as $13.99.

You’ll enjoy them with your sweets as much as a Veuve Clicquot demo-sec for $59.99.

Learn about pairing wine and chocolate—and having a wine and chocolate tasting party.


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