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TOP PICK: Sticky Toffee Pudding Co.

After the constant media coverage and the long lines at the polls this election year, you deserve a treat. We suggest everything made by The Sticky Toffee Pudding Company. Americans enjoy many blessings. One of them is that Englishwoman Tracy Claros moved to Texas and started a delightful specialty food company, making British-style puddings, which are like warm, individual cakes (learn more about puddings in the main review).

Tracy makes four puddings: the classic British Sticky Toffee Pudding, which is one of those foods that, once tasted, becomes an instant favorite; Ginger Sticky Pudding, the Sticky for gingerbread lovers (and those who don’t yet know they love gingerbread); English Lemon Pudding (totally irresistible); and Molten Chocolate Baby-Cake, a chocolate lava cake that, excellent as it is, becomes the third runner-up in this cornucopia of riches, only because the other three are so seldom found that you must have them whenever you encounter them. We can’t name the winner—the three flavors tie for first place.

Tasting even better than it looks, Sticky Ginger
Pudding is perfect for the holidays—although we
wouldn’t turn it away on a blazing August
How wonderful is it to have before you a sumptuous dessert, about which even Gordon Ramsay could have no complaint? Simply remove the individual portion from the wrapper, place the cup in the microwave for 40 sections, invert the pudding and its sauce onto a plate and garnish at will. You may devour it in only slightly longer time than it took to warm. Or you may have more restraint than we do. No refrigeration is required, although refrigerating (or freezing) extends the shelf life. Read the full review.
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