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ARTICLE: Types Of Eggs

Brown Eggs
Learn all about eggs—varieties, nutrition, tips—in this informative article.
  If you thought there were only two types of eggs—white and brown—start the new year with this egg-cellent review of eggs: an egg glossary, egg nutrition and health facts, tips. Some highlights:
There are 10 different type of eggs, apart from brown versus white. Cage-free, Free-Range, Vegetarian, Organic and Vitamin-Enriched are some of the choices.
There’s no nutritional difference between brown and white eggs. Brown hens produce brown eggs, white hens produce white eggs.
Eggs should be left in their and kept on an inside refrigerator shelf where temperature does not vary—not removed to a plastic “egg holder” on the refrigerator door. The carton insulates the eggs from loss of moisture.
Never use a cracked raw egg. It can easily be contaminated with bacteria that cooking will not kill. Read the full article, and you’ll gain a lot of eggspertise. There’s more to learn about eggs in the Eggs Section of THE NIBBLE online magazine.
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