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REVIEW: Miller’s Select Premium Crab Meat

If you’ve ever spent big money on a can of crab meat, only to be disappointed by the mediocre flavor and the pieces of shell—we feel your pain. We’ve thrown out more than a few such cans. That’s why we were so excited to discover Miller’s Select, premium wild catch crab meat, available in Jumbo Lump, Lump, White and Backfin meat, all from the blue swimmer crab. It’s one of our favorite low-calorie gourmet treats. This company takes such pains to pick and process the best crab meat—there are no disappointments here, no tinny, mushy crab. It’s pasteurized and shelf stable, but tastes as fresh as, well, fresh crab. In addition, we’ve developed a separate article comparing crab meat grades, along with a “crab glossary,” to explain the different types of crabs. Blue Crabs
Blue crabs. Photo by Michael Thompson | IST.
Dungeness, stone crab, blue crab, snow crab: Do you know how they differ and which to buy (or order)? Finally, the world of crab—and crab meat—will be demystified! Read our full review of Miller’s Select, check out the Crab Glossary, and enjoy every bite with superior knowledge, going forward. We’ve even included some delicious crab recipes.

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