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TIP OF THE DAY: Food Garnishing

It doesn’t take much to make something
plain look special. Photo by Hannah
Kaminsky | THE NIBBLE.


You know that great gift wrap makes a gift more exciting. It’s the same with food, but the “wrapping” is the dish and the garnish. The finest restaurants match the plate to the food being served.

  • Buy dinner plates in solid colors or versatile patterns and find smaller plates in rectangular and square shapes for first courses and desserts. (We look for closeouts.)
  • Find an artistic garnish for each plate—a few strands of chive, a squash blossom, even a bright red chili pepper (with an announcement that it’s just there for design).
    If you’re artistic, there are books on vegetable garniture where you can indulge your talent for carving to create edible masterpieces for each plate:

  • The Art Of Garnishing
  • The Book Of Garnishes
  • Food Art: Garnishing Made Easy
  • Garnishing: A Feast For Your Eyes
    Take a look at our article, Garnish Glamour, which has dozens of ideas for sweet and savory foods.



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