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Maury’s Hive Tea Bags Are Sweetened With Honey

Maury Pittman, a fitness trainer and wellness professional, has reinvented the tea bag. He’s infused it with honey.

You add boiling water, steep, and sip: The sweetness of honey pleases your palate to the end. Yummy honey with no sticky mess.

How does he do it?

Maury’s tea bags include premium robust black or green tea and premium, granulated honey.

The result is both delightful and invigorating.

With 10 years in business under his belt, Maury is still making his uniquely blended tea bags, each filled with a perfect combination of whole-leaf tea and sweet granulated honey.

It’s a tea-riffic combination, says Maury, who continues to use only the best, highest-quality teas and granulated honey.

So: Steep, sip, and enjoy a cup of hot or iced tea infused with honey (and lots of love from Maury).

Maury’s offers two premium teas, black and green, both available in regular and decaf, both all-natural.

The specialized formula works great in both hot and cold water.

All you have to do is heat the water and allow the bag to steep. The longer it steeps, the sweeter it gets.

Maury’s Black Buzz

Maury’s Black Buzz tea bags are whole-leaf black tea uniquely blended with sweet granulated honey.

Maury’s Green Glory

Maury’s Green Glory tea bags are whole green leaf tea uniquely blended with sweet granulated honey.

Black or green, caf or decaf, every cup is pure deliciousness.
So, whether you’re snuggling on the couch with a hot cup of tea, or on the patio with a tall glass of iced tea, experience the delights of Maury’s Hive Tea.

Sip, sip, hooray!

A box of 15 tea bags is $9.99, with shipping and taxes included.

A box of 30 tea bags is $18.99, with shipping and taxes included.

Subscribe & Save: 30 bags delivered every 30 days is $16.99 per month.

Are you ready to join the hive?

Head to

> The different types of tea.

> The different types of honey.

> The history of tea.

> The history of iced tea.

> The history of tea bags.

> The history of afternoon tea.

> The history of honey.

> A year of world and national tea holidays.

World Honey Bee Day is celebrated every third Saturday in August (upcoming: August 19, 2023, August 17, 2024).

National Honey Month is September.



Cup Of Black Tea On A Wood Tabletop
[1] What’s missing from this picture? The sweetener! That’s because honey granules are in the tea bag (photo © Mark T. Wendell Tea Company | Facebook).

Box Of Maury's Hive Tea Black Tea Bags. The tea bags are sweetened with granulated honey blended with the tea leaves.
[2] A box of Maury’s Black Buzz (photos #2 and #3 © Maury’s Hive Tea).

Box of Maury's Hive Tea Green Tea Bags. The tea is blended with granulated honey, so there's no need to add sweetener.
[3] A box of Maury’s Green Glory.

Jar Of Honey With Drizzler
[4] With Maury’s, there’s no need to drizzle honey, or clean up dripped honey (photo © National Honey Board | Facebook).

Granulated Honey
[5] Instead, there are honey granules in each tea bag. You can also use it in brines, marinades, sauces, vinaigrettes, and drizzled on frosting. You can find granulated honey online (photo © Spice Jungle).



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