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Falafel Tips & Recipes For International Falafel Day

Falafel Patties With Lettuce Cups
Save calories and carbs: skip the pita and serve falafel with romaine leaves (photo © Sun Basket). Check out the link for their recipe for tempeh falafel, instead of traditional chickpeas.


June 12th is International Falafel Day, celebrating a vegan Middle Eastern street food that’s become very popular in the U.S.

It’s an especially timely holiday, because this year, June 12th falls on a Monday. Falafel is a delicious dish for Meatless Mondays.

In addition to the most popular uses—in a pita sandwich or as part of a mezze plate, you can use falafel to top a green salad or an Israeli salad; or serve it as an appetizer with tahini, yogurt, or cucumber dip*.

Is falafel healthy food? Yes, except for the calories in the oil used for frying and the calories and carbs of the pita with which it is typically served.

Healthy tip #1: Buy frozen falafel balls (or make your own) and bake rather than fry them.

Healthy tip #2:
Serve the falafel with romaine or other lettuce leaves instead of pita.

> Here’s more about falafel nutrition.

> The history of falafel.

  • Basic Falafel Recipe: Regular, Gluten-Free, Fried, Baked
  • Falafel Garnishes: Pickled Turnips, Garlic Sauce, Tahini Sauce
  • Falalafel Party Bar
  • Falafel Sliders
  • Trending Ways To Serve Falafel

    *If you prefer, use Ranch, Russian, or other creamy dressing.


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