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FOOD FUN: Color Your Bread With Food Color

Colored Sourdough Country Loaf
A sourdough loaf tinted blue-gray (photo © Geraud Pfeiffer).
We enjoy food photographer Geraud Pfeiffer’s delicious bread photography.

Sure, the Internet is filled with photos of croissants, pain au chocolate, loaves of bread, and sandwiches.

But seeing a whole grid of them on Instagram is deliciousness-plus.

There are even a few pastries in the mix to appease the sweet tooth.

See more of his food photography on Pexels.
Dragging Out The Bread Machine

This photo inspired us to drag out our bread machine over the weekend and make a couple of loaves with subtly tinted dough (sure, you can make it hot pink, but less is more).

The only problem: The bread is so wonderful, we can’t stop eating it!
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