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Tequila Recipes For National Tequila Day

What’s your favorite tequila drink? Enjoy it, or try a new tequila recipe, for National Tequila Day, July 24th (also known as International Tequila Day and World Tequila Day—everybody wants in!).

The indigenous populations didn’t know the art of distilling. It was brought to the New World by Spanish conquistadors, who arrived in 1519.

> Here’s the history of tequila.

> There are five expressions, or types, of tequila. Can you name them? And what’s the deal with the worm?

> Tequila trivia.

> Non-cocktail ways to use tequila.

> Tequila cupcakes.

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  • Añejo Tequila With Dessert
  • Award-Winning Tamarind Margarita
  • Bandera Shots
  • Bloody Maria Cocktail Recipe
  • Cranberry Tequila Cocktail Recipe
  • El Vocho Tequila Shooters
  • Flavored Tequila Cocktails
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  • Spicy Pineapple Cocktail
  • Spicy Tequila Cocktail Recipes
  • Sweet & Hot Tequila Cocktail
  • Tequila & Coke
  • Tequila Christmas Cocktail
  • Tequila Hot Chocolate
  • Tequila Lemonade
  • Tequila “Pie” Recipes: Caramel Apple Pie, Grandma’s Cherry Pie, & Pumpkin-tini
  • Tequila Shooters
  • Tequila With Maple Bacon Rim
  • Watermelon Tequila Fizz

    Tequila Caballito Recipe
    [1] A favorite of Ernest Hemingway: the Caballito, a shot with salt and fresh lime (photo © Sunset Royal Beach Resort | Cancun).

    [2] Bandera shots. “Bandera” means flag in Spanish; the drink comprises three shots in the colors of the Mexican flag: green, white, and red (photo © Tequila Cazadores).

    Mint Chocolate Tequila Cocktail Recipe
    [3] How about a Mint Chocolate Tequila Cocktail (photo © Hornitos)?





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