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Crepini Cheddar Omelets, A Quick, Delicious Breakfast & Snack

We recently discovered a new breakfast treat: Crepini Cheddar Omelets.

Six-inch-long whole-egg omelets are filled with real Cheddar cheese, which melts nicely after 15 seconds in the microwave.

Crepini Cheddar Omelets are three times thicker than a standard crêpe. You can eat them cold from the fridge, too, which may sound strange, but they taste great.

The omelets, which have 135 calories apiece (suggested serving size two omelets), have many call-outs of interest to consumers:

  • Dairy-free*
  • Excellent source of vitamin A and calcium
  • Gluten-free
  • Grainless
  • Keto friendly
  • Kosher (Kof-K)
  • Lactose-free
  • Non-GMO
  • Paleo friendly
  • Protein packed
  • Ready to eat
  • Sugar-free
    Why we like them for a variety of the reasons above, but also, we add:

  • Delicious: a satisfying breakfast or snack to enjoy anywhere, anytime. We love a good cheese omelet!
    We’ve written about Crepini before: egg-based crepês that can be turned into just about anything, with almost negligible calories (8 calories for the six-inch petite size, 30 calories for the eight-inch grande size).

    In addition to the Cheddar Omelets, the line currently includes:

  • Egg Wraps With Cauliflower (petite/grande)
  • Egg Wraps With Cauliflower Cage-Free (grande)
  • Egg WrapsWith Gluten free Grains (petite/grande)
  • Egg Wraps With Sweet Potato & Turmeric
  • Eggless Wraps(plant based)
  • Sweet Crêpes with cinnamon

    Here’s a store locator.

    Check out the entire product line, including recipes, at


    Crepini Cheddar Omelets Are Ready To Eat
    [1] Crepini Cheddar Omelets (photo © Crepini).

    Shredded Cheddar Cheese
    [2] The omelets are made with real Cheddar (photo © Darryl Brooks | Dreamstime).

    Homemade Salsa In A Glass Bowl
    [3] Garnish your Cheddar omelets with fresh herbs, hot sauce, salsa, our cream—whatever you like (photo © Vidalion Onion).


    *Eggs are not dairy food. This is a common misconception. Eggs are produced by birds and fish (caviar!), animals that do not produce dairy products. The USDA categorizes eggs as an animal by-product and puts them in the Protein Foods Group, which includes eggs, meat, nuts, poultry, seafood, seeds, and soy products. All of these products provide nutrients that are vital for one’s health. Eggs are a vegetarian product, but not vegan.





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