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The Most Expensive Brunch In The World (Are You Ready To Go?)

Just in case you’re looking to impress someone by taking him or her to a memorable brunch spot, head to Miami. The brunch at Zuma is the most expensive “bottomless” brunch in the world, served on Saturdays and Sundays.

First, let us disclose that Zuma’s brunch is not about omelets and pancakes. It’s about some of the most in-demand Japanese izakaya* dishes in the world.

A step back: The brunch survey focused on bottomless brunches—the term is a newer and more refined—term for all-you-can-eat and drink.

The survey was commissioned by M Cash Advance (Merchant Cash Advance), which specializes in small business loans.

The research they commissioned analyzed 1.4 million global monthly Google searches.

It does come with, per some brunches, bottomless champagne, cocktails, and wine.

The food appears to be similar to the even-more-expensive Asian-inspired dinner menu.

In addition to bottomless food, there are bottomless drinks: beer, cocktails, Champagne and other wines, and saké.

There is live jazz music and a river view.

Brunch is offered in three price tiers. The top tier, Premium, is $395, without tax and tip.

  • Included in all three is a buffet-style selection of hot and cold foods such as sushi, sashimi, salads, bao buns, buttermilk fried chicken, and robata (charcoal-grilled) dishes.

    As if that’s not enough to eat, there are entrées, with each tier offering different choices. Premium diners can choose truffle-garnished rib eye, jumbo tiger prawns, or lobster tempura with wasabi mayonnaise.

    The Premium tier also includes a truffle hotpot for the table: rice, wild mushrooms, and other vegetables, topped with shaved black truffle.

    But do leave room for the towering dessert platter of exotic fruits, cakes, pastries, and sorbets.

    Not into Japanese food? Here are the other restaurants on the list:


    Zuma Japanese Food The Most Expensive Brunch
    [1] Zuma brunch is a true feast (photo © Zuma Restaurant).

    Zuma Most Expensive Brunch
    [2] A close-up (photo courtesy Food Nouveau).

    Most Expensive Brunches In The World
    [3] The bucket list for all-you-can-eat brunchers (image courtesy Merchants Cash Advance).




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