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PRODUCT OF THE WEEK: Kickin’ Kream Mustard

[1] Our new favorite mustard to slather on almost everything (photos #1 and #2 © Milo’s Whole World Gourmet).

[2] Sweet, hot, creamy and delicious!

Chicken Nuggets With Mustard
[3] You can also use it as a dip (photo © Betty Crocker—here’s the recipe for the Honey Mustard Chicken).


Our new favorite mustard condiment is Kickin’ Kream Mustard from Brownwood Farms.

Kickin’? Yes!

Creamy? Very!

Special? Yes!

Sweet, hot, creamy and delicious, it combines honey* mustard-type flavor with a little extra zing from jalapeño chile peppers and a dash of cayenne pepper.

All for just 15 calories per teaspoon!

If you shy away from hot and spicy foods, let us assure you that Kickin’ Kream is not all that hot. We personally use mild salsa (never the medium-hot version); but we love the sizzle we get from this condiment.

There’s a kick of spice—a delightful one.

After we opened our first jar, we found ways to use it every day.

We like it so much, we’ve been eating it from the jar…as well as:

  • With meats (see Seemore sausages) and poultry
  • As a glaze on roasted chicken and grilled salmon
  • As a dip with pretzels (see Eastern Standard pretzels), crudités, chicken fingers, etc.
  • On sandwiches
  • On burgers and hot dogs

    Kick your taste buds into high gear and spread this creamy deliciousness on anything you choose.

    It’s sold at specialty food stores, but easiest to find on Amazon.
    Check out BACON MAPLE ONION JAM, a recent Tip Of The Day from the same producer.


    Brownwood Farms is a brand of Milo’s Whole World Gourmet, a creator and producer of specialty foods based in Athens, Ohio.

    Milo’s seeks to procure ingredients from the finest sources in the U.S., especially the Great Lakes region

    All of Milo’s gourmet are products in small batches, with clean and minimal ingredients; and with the quality and care one would find in a homemade product.

    The Brownwood Farms line of farm-fresh quality sauces and condiments includes mustards, BBQ sauces, fruit salsas, pie fillings and spreads.

    Says Milo: “By starting with a foundation of clean and natural ingredients to craft our homestyle recipes, we are able to cultivate an array of savory and bountiful flavors you’ll be amazed we fit into a jar!”


    *In this recipe, tapioca syrup is used instead of honey. Tapioca syrup is made from the starch of cassava/manioc root. The different types of sugar and syrup.


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