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TOP PICK OF THE WEEK: Cask & Kettle Hot Cocktails For Your Keurig

[1] One of Cask & Kettle’s five flavors, Irish Coffee, delivers a great hot cocktail in seconds (all photos © Cask & Kettle).

[2] All you need is a Keurig-style brewer and Cask & Kettle pods.

[3] How about a Mint Patty cocktail?

[4] Make a Cask & Kettle Ice Cream Sundae. Add a scoop of ice cream with an optional topping of chocolate sauce, caramel sauce or whipped cream.

[5] Each festive-looking box contains 5 pods.


In two decades of roaming through trade shows, reading the trade and consumer press, and popping into every specialty food store we pass, we’ve never come across anything like Cask & Kettle.

When we first heard about Cask & Kettle hot cocktails, we were intrigued.

When we tasted them, we were delighted, enchanted, charmed…and one step away from being elated to realize that we could have these delectable hot cocktails at home, whenever we liked.

Hot cocktails have existed for centuries, from buttered rum, toddies and mulled wine (here’s the difference), to hot milk punch and the Tom and Jerry. to the more modern Irish Coffee (invented in 1943), to every modern mixologist’s recipes since then.

Cask & Kettle is the inspired creation of entrepreneurs.

The magic happens with the simplicity of a Keurig home coffee brewing machine (photo #2).

It delivers brewed craft cocktails made with fine spirits, that deliver bold flavors and delicious aromas.

All of this comes from a Keurig-type K-pod, which includes the alcohol and other ingredients.

Just pop the capsule into your Keurig and press the button. In a minute, your cocktail is ready.

Whether you want to sip alone or serve guests, every cup is a party.

Delicious as the cocktails are straight, you can enhance them for spectacular results (see below).

Each one is better than the next. The current lineup includes:

  • Hot Blonde (vodka, light roasted coffee, vanilla, 74 proof*)
  • Irish Coffee (vodka, Irish whiskey and coffee, 76 proof—photo #1*)
  • Mint Patty (vodka, coffee, mint, 75 proof*—photo #3
  • Mexican Coffee (tequila, vodka, coffee, 60 proof*)
  • Spiked Cider (vodka and apple cider, 50 proof*)
    Each cocktail contains approximately one ounce of high-quality distilled spirits, plus decaffeinated coffee. Each multi-serving package contains five capsules (photo #5), each delivering a rich cocktail.

    They are caffeine-free and gluten-free.

    And the cocktails are a forgiving 130 calories per cup!

    Is Cask & Kettle a coffee cocktail? A cup of spiked coffee? An after-dinner drink? A dessert?

    It’s all of the above? Enjoy it:

  • Straight out of the brewer.
  • With added milk or cream.
  • With whipped cream.
  • With a whipped cream garnish (a cherry? chopped nuts? gold leaf? mini chips? sprinkles?)
  • As a sundae, with ice cream, chocolate or caramel sauce, and whipped cream (photo #4).

    A box of Cask & Kettle is a great gift, but start with gifting yourself!

    They are certainly a “cup of cheer” in these gray, isolated times.

    (They’d be just as great on a sunny day in June.)

    We look forward to the end of the work day, when we can brew a cup and turn on the news.

    Cask & Kettle is about $15 for a package of five capsules.

    Check the store locator at

    Cask & Kettle is available in Walmart, Sam’s Club, boutique stores and most Safeway stores.

    Or, check online for “Buy Cask & Kettle Cocktails.” We found several e-tailers, including

    Hopefully, they whole line will be sold on the website or an e-commerce site like Amazon, soon.

    For more information, visit the brand’s website.

    For gifting, Cask & Kettle will stand out as something different. The Cask & Kettle package fits into standard wine or bottle wrapping.

    We send this innovative, delightful new brand our best wishes for success!


    *These proofs are for a 6-ounce cocktail. You can lower the proof significantly by selecting an 8- or 12-ounce cocktail on the Keurig. This adds more water, diluting the proof—but the results are still delicious.


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