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FOOD FUN: Coca-Cola Insiders Club

[1] What’s in the black box? You’ll find out when your Coca-Cola Insiders Club box arrives (all photos © Coca-Cola).

[2] Last year, you would have been the first to taste Peace Tea’s new Razzleberry flavor.

[3] Or, you could have taken a virtual trip to the beach with Fanta’s Piña Colada.


If you love bubbly soft drinks—or need a gift for someone who does—get ready for December 8th…

…and allow us to introduce you to the Coca-Cola Insiders Club.

The Club gives soft drink enthusiasts the opportunity to try new products created by Coke…and get fun swag along with the drinks.

For three months starting in January, a black box will arrive. Open it and feast your eyes upon:

Refreshing Tastes

Be the first to try the new brands or product extensions* of soft drinks, before they’re in stores nationwide.

They could be new offshoots of Coca-Cola brands. Beyond Coke, the brands include Barq’s, Dasani, Fanta, Minute Maid, SmartWater, Sprite and quite a few others.

their first box arriving in January 2021, for a three-month run.

Get Fun Swag†

Small gifts plus an exclusive virtual experience with a celebrity arrive in every box.

What will it be? Who will it be? We have no idea.

But our fond with is for Coca-Cola socks and Morgan Freeman!

Memberships are extremely limited, and quickly sold out last year.

Plus, the first Insiders to sign up will receive a special welcome gift.

So mark your calendars for Tuesday, December 8th when enrollment begins, and head to the Coca-Cola Insiders Club website.

To send an Insiders Club membership as a gift, simply include the recipient’s shipping information instead of your own at check-out. The recipient will then receive a three-month subscription.

There’s not currently an option to include a gift card, but you can always give the recipient a can of Coke with a note that a special black box will arrive in January.

Wishing you lots of effervescence in the new year.


*A product line extension introduces a new item in the same product category: new flavors (e.g. Cherry Coke, Coke Zero), formats, colors, added ingredients, package sizes (e.g. mini cans), etc.

†Swag originally was pirate-speak for loot, booty or plunder. In current times, it has evolved to mean freebies: giveaways for customers and goody bags for party-goers and event attendees, etc. It can take the form of branded tee-shirts, mugs, key chains, and anything related to the brand (beauty products, sports accessories, e.g.). At exclusive events, the goods are equally exclusive. The 2020 Academy Awards swag bag was valued at $225,000, up nearly $80,000 from the prior year’s haul. In contrast, the 24-karat-gold-plated Oscar statuette costs just $400 to make [source].


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