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PRODUCT: Health Warrior Superfoods Dragon Fruit Chia Bar

We get weekly pitches for food bars: energy bars, nutrition bars, general snack bars.

We don’t pursue most of them; but when something interesting comes along, we try it.

Health Warrior Superfoods Dragon Fruit Chia Bar is made from two trending foods.

You may already be familiar with chia seeds, but what about dragon fruit?

Lightly sweet and pleasantly crunchy, dragon fruit, called pitaya in its home territory, Central America, is an alluring newcomer to the produce aisle.

Dragon fruit, which sounds more tempting, is the name bestowed upon it by Asian growers, to make it more marketable in other countries.

Depending on the species, the skin is textured like dragons’ scales.

The skin ranges in color from hot pink to red. There is also a yellow variety that is more tart and refreshing.

The flesh inside can be white, pink or magenta and has tiny, edible black seeds similar in appearance to those in kiwifruit.

The fruit is a bit of a tease. The exterior looks resplendent but the flesh is on the mild side: like a watermelon that is only mildly sweet.

The flavor comes up best when the fruit is chilled.

The arresting-looking dragon fruit may not taste as luscious as the homely mango, but it’s crunchy and interesting. Or, in the word most used to describe dragon fruit, it’s exotic.

Dragon fruit is now grown in California and Florida, making it more available in U.S. markets.

There are nine flavors of Health Warrior Chia Bars.

As a collaboration with Bobbi Brown Cosmetics to benefit Girls Inc., the new Dragon Fruit & Chia Bar represents a holistic approach to beauty that starts from the inside out.

One hundred percent of all profits from sales of the bar go to Girls Inc., which focuses on the development of the whole girl, to navigate barriers and grow up to be healthy, educated and independent.

The opportunity to review Health Warrior’s new Dragon Fruit Chia Bar was an unexpected delight.

The Health Warrior Dragon Fruit Chia bar delivers all of the benefits of chia (more Omega-3s by weight than salmon!) in a handy, delicious and—yes—beautiful bar (the bars are naturally pink from dragon fruit powder).

  • The bars are soy free, dairy free, gluten free, vegan and non-GMO with only 5g of sugar per 90-calorie bar.
  • At the same time they provide 12% of the recommended daily value of fiber, 6% of magnesium, and 4% each of calcium and iron.
  • Chia seeds are the #1 ingredient. They are rich in Omega-3s, whose anti-inflammatory effects are delivered in the form of alpha-Linolenic acid.
  • Chia, the source of most of the calcium, fiber and protein, ties in with a beauty brand in that it can help to promote smooth and glowing skin, hair growth, anti-aging and strong nails.
    Note that all of Health Warrior Superfoods’ bars are produced on equipment that also processes tree nuts, peanuts, soy, wheat and milk.

    Though this was my first experience with dragon fruit it will not be my last.

    With a flavor enhanced by strawberries and the familiar chia crunch, the experience was not unlike eating a fig newton filling, though firmer and not quite as jammy.

    These bars make a great school lunch or backpack snack for kids, with an eye-catching pink wrapper, which includes social media links to Health Warrior Superfoods, Girls Inc., Just Bobbi Brown.

    Health Warrior also makes a selection of pumpkin seed bars (plain or with chocolate or chocolate and peanuts) that are delicious if you are a pumpkin seed fancier and not allergic to peanuts.

    > Get your Dragonfruit & Chia Bars here.

    > Visit the website to check out the other chia and pumpkin seed bars.

    —Georgi Page-Smith


    [1] Health Warrior Dragon Fruit Chia Bars (photo © Health Warrior).

    [2] The “dragon scales” of the dragon fruit (photo © Tanaphong Toochinda | Unsplash).

    [3] The most commonly available variety in the U.S. has rosy pink skin and white flesh (photo © Maddi Bazzocco | Unsplash).

    [4] Dragon fruits with yellow skin are more tart, which gives the mild-tasting fruit more flavor (photo © David Brooke Martin | Unsplash).

    [5] Pink- and white-flesh varieties (photo © Melissa’s Produce).



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