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TIP OF THE DAY: Vanilla Extract In Your Coffee Pot

[1] Add some vanilla extract to your pot of Joe* (teal coffee maker from Holstein | Amazon).

[2] Also take a look at vanilla sugar and vanilla paste (photo © Nielsen-Massey).


When we brewed our Sunday morning pot of coffee, we took this “creative uses of vanilla” tip from vanilla expert Nielsen-Massey, to infuse the Joe* with vanilla flavor.

Instead of getting a shot of vanilla syrup† in your morning latte, infuse your home-brewed coffee instead.

  • Simply add two tablespoons of Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Extract to your empty coffee pot; then brew the coffee.
  • The whole pot will be instantly infused with vanilla.
  • If you use store-ground coffee, you can also place vanilla beans you’ve already scraped into the bag or canister.
  • You can also add the vanilla beans to a sugar canister.
  • If you truly love vanilla sweetener, take a look at Nielsen-Massey’s Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Sugar.

    If you prefer a healthful green smoothie in the morning, add some pure vanilla extract to it.

    The rich vanilla flavor will help meld the various vegetable flavors, enhancing the overall taste.

    Also add a little fruit for sweetness—half an apple or banana, for example—and you’ll find it a “new and improved” recipe.

    Stir some Pure Vanilla Bean Paste into plain yogurt.

    The Pure Lemon Paste is also delicious in yogurt.
    > The Different Types Of Vanilla


    *Named after Admiral Josephus “Joe” Daniels, Chief of Naval Operations, who outlawed alcohol on board ships and ordered coffee as the beverage of service. The term, “Cup of Joe” followed, and because sailors wanted their cup “hot,” Hot Joe was shortened to “hojo.”

    †Each pump of vanilla syrup is about 20 calories and 5 grams of sugar. A Grande Vanilla Latte at Starbucks is 2-1/2 cups and has four pumps, for 80 calories and 20 grams of sugar.[source] Two tablespoons of vanilla extract for the whole pot is 76 calories.


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