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TOP PICK OF THE WEEK: The Best Cheeses, From Jasper Hill Farm

While we have been hunkered down at home for the quarantine, we have been treating ourselves to great foods from artisans nationwide.

One of them is Jasper Hill Farm, in Greensboro, Vermont (in the “Northeast KingdomNortheast Kingdom”).

Jasper Hill sold its first wheels of Bayley Hazen Blue, their flagship cheese (photo #3), in 2003. Since then, with their own microbiology lab and scientists, they have been able to make incredible cheeses.

The cheeses are sold at fine retailers and e-tailers nationwide, and also on the Jasper Hill website.

Half of the cheeses online are made by Jasper Hill Farm, others are made by neighboring dairies and sent to Jasper Hill to take advantage of the huge, state-of-the-art, underground aging cellars.

The technology helps to make better cheeses. Just one bite of any of them tells you that you’ve arrived in cheese heaven.

Twice a month we order a shipment of our favorite cheeses, comparing similar styles (bloomy rinds, blues, cheddars, washed rinds) to pick the one from each group that we like the best.

We then re-order the “winner” along with our next group (and we keep notes on our preferences for future orders). And we never fail to add a wheel of our very favorite, the bloomy-rind Moses Sleeper.

We’re never without great cheeses on hand. We’d like to point the way to every turophile (connoisseur or fancier of fine cheeses).

Before you head to Jasper Hill Farm’s online storeJasper Hill Farm’s online store, check out the description of the cheeses that follow.

If you can’t make up your mind among the different cheeses, there are 13 curated gift boxes (scroll down), for yourself or for gifting.

We hope we’ve made it easier for you to choose among the 15 memorable cheeses.

  • Alpha Tolman, an Appenzeller-style wheel made from raw cow’s milk, for a cheese plate, fondue or raclette (from Jasper Hill Creamery†).
  • Bayley Hazen, a blue wheel made from raw cow’s milk, famous for its fudgy texture, with a natural rind (from Jasper Hill Creamery—it’s their flagship cheese, photo #3).
  • Bridgman Blue, a blue wheel made from blend of raw cow’s and goat’s milks, with a natural rind (from Jasper Hill Creamery).
  • Cabot Clothbound, an bandage-wrapped cheddar wheel with a crystalline texture (from Cabot Cooperative Creamery—photo #1).
  • Eligo, a washed rind brick made from pasteurized cow’s and goat’s milks (from Jasper Hill Creamery).
  • Harbison, a pasteurized cow’s milk wheel with a bark-wrapped, bloomy rind (from Jasper Hill Creamery—photo #2).
  • Highlander, a raclette-style wheel made from raw cow’s and goat’s milks (from Jasper Hill Creamery).
  • Kinsman Ridge, a semi-soft tomme made from unpasteurized cow’s milk (from Landaff Creamery).
  • Landaff, a traditional Welsh-style cheddar wheel made from raw cow’s milk (from Landaff Creamery).
  • Little Hosmer, a bloomy-rind pasteurized cow’s milk wheel (from Jasper Hill Creamery).
  • Moses Sleeper, a bloomy-rind wheel made from pasteurized cow’s milk—and our personal favorite (from Jasper Hill Creamery).
  • Oma, a washed rind tomme of pasteurized cow’s milk, certified organic (from Von Trapp Farmstead—photo #4).
  • Weybridge, a bloomy rind wheel of pasteurized cow’s milk, certified organic (from Scholten Family Farm).
  • Willoughby, a washed rind wheel made from pasteurized cow’s milk (from Jasper Hill Creamery).
  • Winnimere, a bark-wrapped washed wind wheel made from raw winter cow milk (from Jasper Hill Creamery—photo #5).

  • Alpine/Swiss-Style Cheeses: Alpha Tolman, Highlander
  • Bloomy Rind Cheeses: Harbison, Little Hosmer, Moses Sleeper, Weybridge
  • Blue Cheeses: Bayley Hazen, Bridgman Blue
  • Tomme* Cheeses: Kinsmans Ridge, Oma
  • Washed Rind Cheeses: Eligo, Willoughby, Winnimere

    *Tomme is a class of cheese produced mainly in the French Alps and Switzerland.

    †Jasper Hill Farm is a working dairy farm. Jasper Hill Creamery is the on-site creamery where the cheeses are made.


    [1] Cheddar lovers will find joy in Cabot’s Clothbound Cheddar (all photos © Jasper Hill FarmJasper Hill Farm).

    [2] A bloomy rind enthusiast’s delight: Harbison, with a creamy, spreadable center.

    [3] One of the best blue cheeses anywhere: Bayley Hazen, Jasper Hill Farm’s flagship cheese.

    [4] Oma, a washed rind tomme.

    [5] Winnimere, a washed rind wheel, wrapped and ready to ship.



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